The 1st European Solidarity Essay Prize

Is there such a thing as European solidarity?

Is this solidarity under threat at our borders?

What is life like in Europe's refugee camps?

How does the challenge of COVID-19 affect humanitarian efforts?

Take part. Take action.

Deadline for submissions: 20/6

 1st Prize: €300 

 2nd Prize: €200 

 3rd Prize: €100 

Prizes donated by Adelheid Goldbach, a friend of children and equal opportunities

13 - 15 years category

Write a creative story that compares your experience of lockdown with the experience of those in a refugee camp. (Max. 1000 words)


What you did during the COVID-19 crisis may be very different to what other people around the world did. Imagine what someone living in a refugee camp did while the world was in lockdown. They probably had a very different experience to you, but maybe there were also some similarities.


See our recommended reading list here to support your thinking.

16 - 18 years category

To what extent is solidarity under threat at Europe’s borders? (1500-2000 words)


Key topics to help you start your research:

  • Refugee camps in the Aegean Islands

  • The Dublin Regulation

  • The EU-Turkey Statement

  • Search and Rescue in the Mediterranean


See our recommended reading list here to support your thinking.