Words Do Things That Guns Cannot Do | تفعل الكلمات ما لاتقوى عليه البنادق

by Fahed

Sometimes a fleeting word kills me Or a sentence grants me life It’s speaker known or unknown.

Words do things that guns cannot do

What are these words? They are nothing but wings that allow you to fly into the world beyond things… into imagination

And what is this imagination? It is nothing but writing that which cannot be achieved.

أحيانا تقتلنا كلمة عابرة

وتحيينا جملة قالها شخص :

لانعرفه ولا يعرفنا !

تفعل الكلمات

ما لاتقوى عليه البنادق

وما الكلمات !

سوى اجنحة تحلق بك

إلى ما وراء الأشياء ….. والخيال

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