WAR! Episode II

by Mohammad Omari

Many years ago, when I was a little kid, the world went mad about Michael Jackson changing his colour and I always wondered why he did it; what on earth could push a person to change himself into something or someone else?

But life is a shy, virgin Belle, who has the habit of revealing herself slowly. If you wait long enough, she will answer your questions.

Yesterday, Racism and I were introduced to each other by Life, who revealed her many forms of discrimination, starting with the religious and [not] ending with the territorial.

This is a war I’ve fought before, and I won that first battle against myself, but I lost that war against my people, which ripped my soul apart and I escaped only with whatever was left in me of the person I used to be.

Here I am again, finding myself at a crossroads, compelled to take exactly the same decision all over again. Do I stand my ground and fight, or go further into the unknown and run away?

What would you do if you were in my place?

#Poetry #Greece #Syria #English #refugees #actionforeducation #Chios #refugeesgr

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