#ToTheFuture: celebrating success

In Chios earlier this year, we opened The Mastic Campus. This project was built for young adults aged 18-23 and provides them with access to a safe space,non-formal education, and basic necessities.

This project is our long term investment in Chios.

We provide English lessons daily for all abilities, and each week we have lessons for Greek, Spanish, French, and German. Aside from language learning, we also run activities where our participants can learn other skills. We have an in-house tailor shop, where students can learn basic tailoring skills. Our computer lab offers a variety of workshops, including digital literacy courses and CV writing; both are aimed at strengthening professional competencies and increasing employment potential for our participants. Students are also welcome to relax in the space, use the wi-fi to connect with their family and friends, play games, or listen to music.

Our participants are moved by a passion to better their future, the same intrinsic motivation we all have as individuals. To have access to basic hygiene services, such as bathrooms and clean running water should not be something to think about, however, for our participants, the reality looks quite different. In our project, participants are always grateful to use our toilets and showers and have access to clean drinking water, but the sadness is that they should not have to be grateful for something they should have access to within their own rights. We recognize the importance of creating a space that keeps in mind their daily struggles and realities and sets them up with the best possible learning environment.

Next year, we plan to do more. Besides improving our non-formal education programmes we also are committed to addressing other challenges our participants face. We will open a laundrette, which means that our participants can wash their clothes and bedding. With the support of Choose Love, we were able to set up this space in the last months and are excited to offer this service soon. Further, we will open a kitchen, so our students can have hot and nutritionally balanced meals and we plan to expand our sports activities and gym!

So far, we could not have achieved all of this without our amazing donors. Please donate today, so together we can continue to provide access to fundamental needs and education for our participants.

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