#ToTheFuture: what's our 2021 campaign all about?

2020 has been a challenging year around the world. The global pandemic has shown us how fragile and uncertain life is, particularly for those in vulnerable situations.

In March, we watched as Greece went into lockdown. With a heavy heart, we closed our centres. Since then, the camps on Chios and Samos have hardly opened.

Our students have lost access to their support system outside the camp. They have been forced to live in an overcrowded, unsanitary place whilst leaders across the world call for social distancing.

For months we have been forced to work remotely. Determined to make the best of the situation, we used this time to learn and reevaluate our programmes. We moved lessons online and distributed worksheets, food and hygiene items. We increased support for our volunteers from the refugee community and invested in strengthening our teams on the ground.

In the face of these great challenges, we even opened two new centres on Chios. These are long-term investments in creating learning opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers. At the Mastic Campus, we integrate language classes with skill-based workshops and allow our participants to be part of a diverse and safe community. At The Hub, we've created a space for those living in the city, offering access to multi-levelled classes in computer skills.

Over the past months, our students and volunteers have faced adversity with courage. Even in such times, they remain the beating heart of Action for Education.

So what are we now campaigning for? Where are we heading?

Throughout the pandemic, we committed to remaining on the ground, monitoring and responding in every way possible. Next year, we’re not only continuing this but doing a lot more.

Over the course of this campaign, from 14th to 31st December, we're going to share some major announcements for what we’re doing in 2021. Make sure to follow the campaign over the next weeks not to miss out!

Alongside these major announcements, we’re taking the opportunity to share reflective and focused articles each day that explore how we work. We’re proud of our approach, which has been developed over the past 3 years. Innovation, inclusivity, curiosity and a drive to challenge the status quo when we're not happy with how the system works have brought us to where we are now.

Your support in helping us reach our target of €20,000 is not just about ensuring the future of our centres. It’s about supporting our growth as a community and an organisation. It’s about investing in an approach that works towards long-term social change.

By donating this winter, you’re joining us in forging a fairer, more equitable future for all.

#ToTheFuture #AFE2021 #ActionForEducation

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