To mark Earth Day, we have released our first ever Sustainability Report

Why a sustainability report? With the pandemic, rising social inequalities, global warming, and the resurgence of demands for racial justice, we see it as our responsibility to look beyond refugee education. We want to look at our impact on a global level. We want to combat injustices and inequalities whilst finding solutions on the ground that promote the change we want to see.

We built this organisation with the goal of creating caring and thought-through solutions to protect the wellbeing of refugees. Though a small organisation, it is up to us to show the world what is important to us.

According to UNHCR, over 80 million people across the globe are now fleeing war, persecution and poverty. The number of people being forced to leave the place they call home is growing, and being accelerated by climate change. People are trying to adapt to the changing environment but many will be forcibly displaced.

We all need to do better and actively engage in conversations that go beyond the concrete scope of our work. However small this seems, by multiplying it and promoting sustainable approaches on a grassroots level, change is possible.

This being said, sustainability goes far beyond the environment and requires a broad look at our own organisation and how we often also may be contributing to systemic issues that at the same time we have pledged to stand up against.

Way too often we criticise our governments and big international conglomerates without acknowledging the part we play in the system as well. At Action for Education we are committed to self-critical practice; we strive to be an organisation that is transparent, accountable, and a place where those who work with us feel supported and heard..

The report examines our performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and commits us to forthcoming initiatives and changes we want to make to promote a sustainable future.

Read the sustainability report:

Please reach out with feedback and ideas, we would love to hear from you. This report is just a start of a journey to creating a grassroots movement that acts in harmony and balance with the world around us.

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