Raised without a Mother

Writing by Ahmed M. Artwork by Wiktoria Natasza Konwent

I was raised from birth without my mother, without my grandmother. When I turned six, my father took me to stay with him and my stepmother. At seven, I began school, but my stepmother always caused poblems. I left the school when I was thirteen and helped my father with his work.

At fifteen I went with my grandmother to meet my mother for the first time. It was an extraordinary meeting, but I was surprised to find out that my mother was married and had two sons. These half brothers did not know they had a brother. May step father hadn’t wanted my mother to brothers to see me. At one house my stepmother treated me badly, at the other my half brothers treated me strangely.

So I ran away from my father’s house and left behind those problems. I fled to my uncle’s house, but after twenty days my father found me and brought me back.

I ran away again but my grandmother ordered me back, so I went.

I fell in love for the first time in my life. But it was love on one side only and she told me how I was like her brother. But I never gave up hoping.

Then, two years later she got engaged. I felt alone in the world.

At that point, I left my house and spent almost three months at my uncle’s. But once again, I had to go back, this time because my father travelled out of the country and I was responsible for my stepmother. I had to work hard to earn enough money for all of them.

If you are raised without a mother, your life will be so hard. That is my life. But, enough. The meaning of my life is suffering.

I remain sad and weary.

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