Hand in Hand: Fund education on World Refugee Day 2021

On 20th June, we’re marking World Refugee Day. In recent years, this important day has brought widespread attention to the plight of refugees. At Action for Education, we feel the need to turn that awareness into action.

So what are you doing?

We are looking for 100 bold activists and educators to join us for a 48 hour surge campaign to fund education. These 100 advocates for refugee rights will commit to raising €100 each, starting on 20th June.

Together, this inspiring team will collectively fundraise €10,000, a phenomenal amount that will supercharge our education projects in Greece.

Why €100, you might ask? €100 is roughly the amount it costs us to fully fund education for one refugee student for a whole month. That includes teachers, hot meals, education materials, building costs for our schools and volunteer apartments, coordination and administrative costs, etc. etc. €100 is thus a powerful amount on money that provides quality education in emergencies.

Our 100 for 100 campaign is an effort designed to mobilise society to create positive change. With individuals privately crowdfunding €100 through their friends and family, we build a wide network of funders who create big change with small contributions. To achieve this, we’re calling on our families and friends, AFE’s past and present volunteers, interested individuals and influential followers.

If you choose to take part, you’ll be joining a group of like-minded and passionate funders. You’ll be doing more than sharing another post on World Refugee Day. You’ll be changing lives for good.

So, what now? If you’re able to commit to being part of The 100, you can pledge your support through this link. Go for it now (it only takes 1 minute!).

After doing so, you’ll receive an email that outlines the next steps to prepare for our 48 hour campaign starting on 20th June. Through this, you can set up and prepare your individual crowdfunding page. After that, we encourage you to share this blog post with friends and family to recruit more education activists to The 100! We’ll keep you updated with how we’re doing on numbers.

Join us on 20th June in taking action for World Refugee Day 2021.

Take powerful action with us. Join The 100.

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