Eid Qurban (Eid al-Adha) in Samos

Written by Forutan | Photos: @ericboscia

Tuesday 13th August was Eid Qurban. At the Banana House, we celebrated this day on Samos with everyone performing dances and music from their different cultures and countries.

Asylum seekers who participated on the day told us that they celebrated this occasion every year in their countries and that on this day they were so happy that in this centre they could do the same.

During the programme, international volunteers who work at the centre also performed songs in Italian, Spanish and English.

The head coordinator of The Banana House said, ‘In such difficult conditions, asylum seekers need celebrations like this. We’re so happy to prepare this concert with them. Today we see everyone happy and this is exactly what we aim for. We wish everyone good luck in the future.’

Banana House, run by Action for Education, is a centre that has been operating for 6 months for asylum seekers on Samos, Greece | Photos: @ericboscia

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