Education & Creativity Interview: Ottavia Brussino

Ottavia is a Master student in International Development at Sciences Po in Paris. After managing an international cooperation project in rural Tanzania and consulting social enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa, Ottavia strengthened her passion for migration studies with field experiences in Lampedusa and Samos, Greece. Precisely while volunteering in the Vathy hotspot on Samos, Ottavia met Nicoletta and joined the team of Still I Rise NGO to diffuse Through Our Eyes across Europe (and, they hope, even beyond!). We'll be exhibiting their photography exhibition at our World Refugee Day Event 2019.

I asked her about her thoughts on education and creativity:

How has education contributed to your creative expression?

Being able to broaden my mindset through diverse educational systems across various continents has certainly stimulated my creative expression. Learning different curricula in different languages and exploring various cultural and literary heritages has fostered my critical thinking and curiosity.

What do you think one needs in their life in order to be creative?

Have a vision and dare: these are the essential ingredients for a creative mind. There are diverse forms of creativity: when they meet, you have the perfect recipe. Through Our Eyes is an example of this. Nicoletta lives on Samos where she teaches photography to refugee students and she is the heart of Through Our Eyes’ magic. Despite persistently trying to fulfill my artistic self with a camera always in my backpack, I contribute to Through Our Eyes with a more “managerial” creativity. Our complementarities, I believe, show the endless forms of creativity and their power: the strength of heterogenous minds that meet each other.


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