Education & Creativity Interview: Nicoletta Novara

Nicoletta Novara is a member of the Italian-Greek NGO “Still I Rise” based on Samos. After ten years working as a journalist in her native city- Piacenza- she decided to leave the position and put her heart into this mission. During her masters in Roma mentored by Italian journalist Maria Grazia Cutuli, she went to Lebanon and Afghanistan to report the deep wound in society that wars left behind. After the outbreak of war in Syria, Nicoletta joined an Italian Foundation to bring help to refugees along the border between Syria and Turkey. Starting from December 2018, she is part of the Still I Rise team on the island of Samos. In Mazì, the youth center founded by the NGO, she teaches Photography, Cinema, Art and Maths for beginners. Nicoletta set up the photography project “Through Our Eyes”, along with Ottavia, with her photography classes in Mazì. We'll be exhibiting their photography exhibition at our World Refugee Day Event 2019.

I asked her about her thoughts on education and creativity:

How has education contributed to your creative expression?

During my work as a journalist, I met such a kaleidoscope of human beings and I tried to capture the core of themselves through my professional skills, using my camera and my curiosity. This also helps me in my work with minors refugees. Photography is something introspective and doesn’t need words but only thoughts and feelings.

What do you think one needs in order to be creative?

Creativity is when your intimate vision hits deeper with the feelings of other people.

If you find a way to give voice to your vision and break with everything that was made in the past, that’s creativity. In "Through Our Eyes", for the first time, we can see the life of refugees children through the eyes of the children themselves.


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