Cross-Cultural Solidarity: applications open NOW for participants (fully funded)

We're delighted to announce that Action for Education are accepting applications for the 2020 Cross-Cultural Solidarity Youth Exchange, held in Turkey and hosted by our partners Unge i Solidaritet.

This is an opportunity to represent Action for Education and the Greek refugee response in a youth exchange conference that brings together grassroots solidarity movements from across Europe.

Fully funded (including all travel, accommodation and food), find out more about the aims and activities of the exchange in the following info pack.

Applications assessed on a first-come, first-served basis!

Deadline: 15th December

Click here to read the full info pack and find out how to apply!

About the Project

The issues of the world are no longer isolated to the place of action. It is present in our homes through the internet, television and so on. It is present in our national politics and it is present in our countries international relations. The past years especially the question of refugees and migration has taken a large place locally, nationally and internationally.

So what position do we as youth take in this big, fast moving and unequal world?

Youth has through time been change makers. A position we should remember and practice through creating and using platforms for the youth to meet, for the youth to ask questions and for the youth to make a change. The project will do this by asking the question: What is solidarity today and how can we practice it in our lives?

To answer this question we will try to understand the following:

- How has the current refugee situation in the world and in Europe developed?

- What influences has the current refugee situation had and how has it been handled in Europe?

- How can youth be active citizens and why should we?

- How can we create an international online platform for civic engagement?

We will do this in Turkey, the country that is currently hosting the largest number of refugees in the World.

For ten days we will focus on understanding the current refugee situation, Europe’s role in this, but most importantly also our own. We will discuss and practice what it means to take action towards solidarity both in our local societies and internationally.

The Aims of the Project

● Learn more about the refugee situation.

● Learn about how EU has handled the current refugee situation and why.

● Enhance critical thinking and discussions techniques to understand how to create better and equal opportunities for

all citizens regardless of nationality, economic situation, gender, religion, culture, sexuality, etc.

● Strengthen the role of young people as active actors in the civil society, also when it comes to global


● Strengthen the sense of initiative, confidence, and responsibility, when it comes to social issues.

● Reflect upon activism as a potential democratic practice and tool for being a change maker as a young


● Reflect upon how a democratic and solidarity Europe should look like and in particular how to be a

part of that process.

● Create an online platform for active citizenship activities which will give both skills in planning, reflection, critical thinking and technology.

Who are we?

The organising team - Unge I Solidaritet - is an informal group consisting of 4 young people from Denmark.

We find it important that youth are allowed and enabled to create inclusive spaces that can transform and affect themselves as well as the everyday life of their surroundings.

The youth, and the work about them, should be organised and created by the youth itself. This project is, because of this, a chance to and an opportunity for young people to work together as equals.

Our overall goal is to encourage and organise young people from around the world in solidarity. Our focus is to provide specific knowledge about minorities, discrimination, and global issues together with organising and facilitating events and projects that share our common goal. We will extensively focus on critical thinking, civic engagement, intercultural understanding and not the least teamwork, to contribute to an ever more solidarity environment.