Communications Officer - New Opening

About the Role

We are excited to announce that we are recruiting a new Communications Officer to join Action for Education. To help us achieve our mission, we know that effective, positive and high-quality communications are essential. We're looking for someone who shares that mindset and wants to build and implement a robust, dynamic and creative strategy for impactful comms!

As such, the ideal candidate will be someone with knowledge and passion in this field. They will demonstrable broad digital skills, including video editing and web design. They will be positive, outgoing and relish sharing ideas with the AFE community. They should have a knack for preparing engaging and succinct written content and show themselves to be social media savvy! They should have an eye for design and experience in preparing and publishing reports.

It's also really important in this role that the individual displays genuine care for reflected and critical communication. What do we mean by that? It means someone who is aware of the great potential but also the pitfalls that come with communication in a highly politicised sphere. It means paying attention and foregrounding the rights and protecting the identifies of marginalised communities. It means communicating in transparent, ethical and considerate ways, and setting a new standard for equitable communications that never excludes or oppresses.

We encourage interested candidates to check out our weekly newsletters, website and existing social media to get a flavour for what we're about!

Role Deliverables

  • Prepare and produce AFE's Quarterly Reports

  • Source and sort new and high-quality photos across our projects

  • Maintain AFE’s website and blog

  • Prepare and send AFE's weekly Action Statement to newsletter subscribers

  • Curate ongoing social media content for our social media channels

  • Prepare engaging monthly updates for key partners and donors

  • Support and develop AFE’s crowdfunding campaigns and donor engagement

Our offer

  • A stipend of €550/month and a private room in a shared apartment

  • A travel bursary of €200 per quarter

  • Start date: as soon as possible

  • An initial 6-month contract (further extension pending review)

  • A chance to work in a unique and driven organisation with an amazing team

How to apply

Are you interested? Then apply for this position here. The application form includes submitting a CV, cover letter, answering a few short questions and uploading a short 1 minute video. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted directly for interview.

Deadline for applications: Friday 23rd July Initial interviews will take place early in the week beginning Monday 26th July.

About Action for Education

Action for Education is an independent, grassroots organisation founded in Greece in 2018. We develop and support projects that aim to remove the barriers to education for displaced communities. AFE pursues two main goals with this project: first, we offer essential safe spaces to youth with a focus on meeting the needs of the most vulnerable populations - including unaccompanied minors and young women. Careful guidance in learning, recreation and communal activities build resilience and develop peace-building mechanisms, an opportunity they are ill-afforded in the harsh, tense and frequently violent conditions in the camps.

We support our participants also by offering access to basic services, such as hygiene facilities, supplementary nutrition and referrals to specialised assistance. Second, we help students develop and maintain language and concentration as well as practical and cognitive skills through curricula of English, languages and projects, which also stimulate imagination and let students and participants explore their own interests, old and new.

This role is non-project related; however, constant communication with the team and presence on the ground is needed in order to communicate accurate information.

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