Civil society is under attack. We must fight back.

3 years ago, Action for Education was founded by a group of passionate and deeply concerned individuals. We came from different places but were united in our vision of a world where powerful, positive change could be possible. We came together freely to take bold action. To this day, Action for Education remains a strong and vibrant community committed to this same goal.

The spirit which unites us is the same spirit which unites civil society around the world. The free association and coming together of people who believe in something better.

But in Greece - in the so-called birthplace of democracy - this crucial exercise in civil liberty and freedom is under threat.

Since 2019, the Greek government has passed sweeping new laws introducing draconian regulations upon civil society. As we try our best to protect the wellbeing and rights of refugees, this government seeks to repress humanitarian work. In doing so, thousands of vulnerable people are left at risk as NGO services are forcibly withdrawn and refugees are left at risk of homelessness and destitution.

What’s even more shocking is that this process is not happening behind the scenes. This is no secret. . Indeed, the government’s nefarious plans are well known and the international community is quite rightly outraged. Just read reports from Amnesty International, the United Nations or the Council of Europe.

As pressure mounts, it is our duty to speak up. We must not let governments take away our rights. We must not let governments put at risk those who need support the most.

Wherever you are, we ask you to take action with us. Join us in calling on the EU to denounce the dismantling of Greek civil society. Share our Twitter and Facebook posts today, tagging the EU Commission.

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