Chios: A Flooded Nightmare

Heavy rain causes a nightmare for Vial Camp residents in Chios.

Over the last 24 hours, Chios island has experienced extremely bad weather including heavy and continuous rain. Asylum seekers and refugees living in Vial are the first ones being affected. The already extremely precarious conditions of the camp of Vial, where nearly 6000 people live in tents and cardboard structures, have intensified the living nightmare for residents.

Footage taken by resident of Vial Camp. 25/11/2019

Fragile shelters are washed away, walking pathways covered in mud and floods, all mixed up with garbage bags and waste that have not been collected for weeks.

In this situation, the health and safety of Vial residents is at high risk.

Photos taken by resident of Vial Camp. 25/11/2019

The support of authorities in response to these dire conditions is so far non-existent. Together with grassroot NGOs on the island, Action for Education stands and acts for the dignity and improvement of living conditions for the residents of Vial camp.

This is not nearly enough and an immediate response of local and international intervention is necessary.

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