Beyond education: hygiene access to our students in Mastic Campus

Living in a refugee camp poses many challenges. Not least, how do you wash your clothes?

For many, the answer is washing by hand outdoors. Time-consuming, almost impossible in winter, and not very effective when it comes to killing bed bugs and combating scabies.

In response to the urgent need for more and better hygiene services, we’ve provided toilets and showers across our centers for quite some while.

But since we opened the Mastic Campus project last year in partnership with Be Aware and Share, we decided to go one step further.

Anecdotes from students included stories of how camp residents were having to boil water over open fires in order to wash their clothes. Not only is this inefficient and problematic due to the lack of water, but the danger of open flames conforms to overcrowded camps.

So what did we do?

Recognising a real need, we got to work. We built an outside shed and furnished it with 3 industrial washing machines and dryers. These huge machines have real potential. It means that every single participant who has access to our center is now also able to do their laundry with us once a week. That’s 216 students with clean laundry every week.

Of course, this is all made possible thanks to you.

With your help, school just got that much better and our students are able to have access to clean clothes and bedding.

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