Banana News #1

Report by Forutan

Action for Education, Banana House, has different projects and activities on Samos.

This week, I spoke with our art students. Every day they do some different activities. They told me: “We are so happy and we appreciate these projects. This week, we did an art project which was very useful and enjoyable.”

Ahmed, one of the students who is very smart said, “We are so happy about all of these activities and about this place because, as you know, the situation in the camp is really bad, boring and noisy. We don’t want to stay in the camp all day. This place really helps us in everything, and want to spend all our day here. This place is safe and useful.”

One of the international volunteers working on the art project said: “I am also so happy and excited with these students. They are from different countries and they are really intelligent. They are really interested to do activities like this. I’ll continue working with them and I wish them all good luck."

Action for Education, Banana House, is an organisation working for refugees now on Samos Island, Greece.

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