Afghanistan’s Security Situation

Written and Recorded by Baktash

A poem written by a student from Afghanistan, residing on Chios in Vial Refugee Camp. The poem is recorded by Baktash and by his cousins. It discusses the pain and difficulty of leaving one’s own country.

Afghanistan is not a safe place for our people anymore.

 Challenged with danger and threats, but what for?

Some groups continue to deteriorate the security of our land

Killing the people, enacting genocide for no reason I can understand.

Talking of divisions, sparking rage and separation.

Spreading propaganda across the nation.

They want us to hate and fight each other.

But still we stand united with our fellow sister and brother.

Why can no one feel our pain?

Why can no one feel our pain?

Why can no one feel our pain?

Why do they try kill our people, what is our sin?

We are human, we want to live but they want to win.

Why do they make us leave our country and go somewhere new? We want to be secure and live in peace but how.

Why are they destroying our country, our land?

What is the benefit they gain through the demise of Afghanistan?

Making our children orphans to survive on their own.

Every child needs a father and mother, not to be alone.

Why does the blood of humans have no worth here?

But rather spills endlessly on our streets with fear.

Body parts lying on the ground scattered.

Why do they leave our country shattered?

Why can no one feel our pain?

Why can no one feel our pain?

Why can no one feel our pain?

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