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with a difference...

If you’re looking for a unique experience to learn a new language, discover one of Greece’s most beautiful islands and help uphold basic human rights, enrol on our innovative and intensive language programme now.


This September, for the first time, Action for Education is hosting 2-week language courses in Beginner’s Arabic and Farsi.


Start a learning journey in some of the world’s oldest and most widely-spoken languages, discover the stunning island of Samos, and learn more about the refugee crisis in Greece.

Drawing on our extensive experience running language programmes for refugee communities, we've created an alternative holiday that not only benefits you, but benefits society as a whole. 

Take classes in Beginner's Arabic and Farsi whilst creating jobs for refugees, supporting local Greek tourism and donating all profits towards Action for Education's safe spaces and projects upholding basic human rights for young asylum seekers.



We're offering 2 courses in Beginner's Arabic and Beginner's Farsi. Choose between these two languages and receive intensive daily lessons covering reading, writing, listening and speaking over 2 weeks.

Comprising 44 hours of class time, complimented by cultural excursions, talks and course activities in the language, we guarantee you'll be leaving with much more than just the basics!


Our innovative and engaging methodology puts language enjoyment first. Through interactive games, peer-to-peer teaching and professional, guided mentoring, we ensure a high-level language learning experience that will keep you wanting to learn more!

After a morning coffee together with classmates, we offer 4 hours of intensive language learning throughout the morning. Every day after lunch, we organise trips around the island, before heading back for a Greek conversation class. This is followed by dinner and an after-dinner talk given on topics including local Greek history, The Refugee Crisis and the work of grassroots NGOs.


Learning in Samos

Samos is the perfect location to Beginner's Arabic and Farsi in a safe and sublime location.


Explore the nature wonders, beaches and mountains of the island, visit the temples and churches of the classical and Christian past and indulge in the traditional gastronomy of the Northern Aegean. Take yourself to one of the most important meeting points of European and Middle Eastern culture through food, architecture, religion, art and language.

In partnership with local tour agencies, we're organising trips, tastings and talks that will enhance your experience as you learn about the local history, the work of NGOs on the island and the fusion of cultures. 

We provide accommodation in partnership with local hotels, included in the price of the course.


Dates & Prices

Our first course will run September 15th - September 29th 2019.

We have just 20 spaces.

Course price: approx. €1,200
(intensive language course, 2 weeks accommodation, airport transfers, selected group meals and trips included)

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