Financial reports and budgets for

our projects and work.

Financial Reports

We put considerable time and effort into ensuring we maintain extremely high levels of financial accountability and transparency. With increasing and improving services across our projects, these reports show how and where we spend donated funds.

Here you can find our Financial Reports since 2018.

Key financial information includes:

2020 total revenue: €363,545

2019 total revenue: €263,141

2018 total revenue: €185, 644

2020 total project expenditure: €311,368

2019 total project expenditure: €236, 424

2018 total project expenditure: €177, 427

2021 Budget

Over 2021, we are maintaining our projects on Chios and Samos, as well as increasing our organisational capacity across communications, advocacy and fundraising.

This forecast budget is subject to change, based on emerging needs, contextual changes, and new project opportunities.

Our key forecast budget themes include:

  1. Chios: €149,845

  2. Samos: €96,060

  3. Organisational and capacity-building: €52,022

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GREECE: Action for Education/Δράση για την Εκπαίδευση is a registered non-profit at Tsouri 6, Chios, 82100, ΑΦΜ: 997220609

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