Our projects at a glance

The Youth Centre

Location: Chios

Aim: To build community, resilience and provide psychosocial support through group-based activities.

Key activities: group assemblies, cooking, gym and fitness, craft and woodwork, games and entertainment, excursions, conflict resolution training, women’s only group, sanitary product distribution, access to city

Age range: 18 - 23

Beneficiaries: 60 participants/day

Volunteer team size: 10


Learning Centre

Location: Chios

Aim: To develop language skills in English and Greek, as well as project-based learning opportunities for minors.

Key Activities: language classes, art and music classes 

Age range: 15 - 18 

Beneficiaries: 80 students/day

Implementing partner: METAdrasi

Volunteer team size: 8


The Halcyon Days Centre

Location: Athens

Aim: To offer a bespoke non-formal education programme directly supporting the needs of women from the refugee community in Athens

Key Activities: language classes, digital literacy, skills-based workshops

Age range: 14+ (with early years childcare also provided)

Beneficiaries: 120 students/day

Implementing partner: Action for Women

Volunteer team size: 8


The Banana House

Location: Samos

Aim: To provide psychosocial support and non-formal education opportunities, with a focus on language learning

Key Activities: language classes, hot meals, showers, women’s only day, minors youth group, project-based learning, wifi

Age range: 18 - 23

Beneficiaries: 160 students/day

Volunteer team size: 20


The Nest

Location: Samos

Aim: To facilitate a calm and safe drop-in play-space for children and their parents

Key Activities: children’s learning space, parent space, fresh fruit provision, dental hygiene initiative

Age range: 2 - 7 (+ parents)

Beneficiaries: 70 children/day

Implementing partner: The Pedagogical Institute of Los Angeles

Volunteer team size: 8


The Computer Lab

Location: Samos

Aim: To provide IT literacy classes and computer access to the asylum seeking population on Samos

Key Activities: women’s only classes, internet cafe, youth classes, evening cinema

Age range: all

Beneficiaries: 80 users/day

Implementing partner: Glocal Roots

Volunteer team size: 4

Chios Voices

Location: Online

Aim: To offer a creative online platform for refugee students and promote understanding through art

Key Activities: creative writing, book publishing, resources for schools

Age range: all