At Action for Education, our priority are our students and we want to ensure that the courses we offer are  top quality. Help us achieve it! We are looking for critical people who speak French, English, Modern Standard Arabic, Darija or Wolof and who want to test the app. Fill this form



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We believe education is a right and not a privilege


Other mainstream apps don’t include minority languages like Wolof or Darija


It fits the language needs of people on the move on arrival in Spain


It ‘s audio-visual focus is designed so people without written language can also learn


It is unaffected by the restrictions caused by the pandemic

Education should be free for everyone and language barriers should be the first ones to overcome with today's technology. For this reason, I was happy to join and help create ¡Ojalá! I am well aware of the impact of being surrounded by different languages, as in my hometown and in my family, 3 languages are spoken.


I started my technical career as a software engineer and later as an entrepreneur with a strong passion for mathematics and design, from user experience design to ikebana & origami. I am using my skills when volunteering to teach children to code, create pro bono apps for NGOs and I have launched a free summer school program to teach high school students app development. I believe each of us can contribute a little bit.

Linguistics proved to be a perfect match for me as I've always been a massive language and  culture nerd. Moving abroad was the outlet that has allowed me to grow both personally and  professionally while specializing in my field. That's where I had two majo revelations - on one hand, I was experiencing something that not many could afford, and on the other hand, I'd been lucky from birth. Lucky to speak a language with so much reach and be part of  a community where education is a given instead of a privilege.


That's why I joined Action for Education. To make a difference in the field I'm most passionate about and help offer the cultural exchange and language integration that will help others develop the necessary skills to achieve goals 

Born in a mixed-cultured family I have always been passionate about living in different countries. I have had the luck to dance Dabke in Palestinian weddings and eat delicious sarmale in Moldovan homes. I have learnt in first person that languages are essential to establish strong ​relationships between people. For this, I have focused my career on  language teaching and global forced migrations and coordinated projects in the non-profit field for over three years.

I work toward ensuring that everyone has access to free and top-quality education. Towards giving the opportunity to newcomers to transmit their hopes, fears, needs and joys. Towards building a bridge amongst our cultures and ensuring that our differences are not seen as a threat but a beautiful feature to learn from one another.



I came to Spain when I was 18 years old. I only knew how to say "thank you" and "direction". I didn't struggle too much to learn Spanish, because I had the possibility to study in a language academy.  To be able to integrate and adapt to new cultures it is essential to know the local language. That is why I did not hesitate to take the opportunity to be a part of ¡Ojalá! I have always wanted to help people, and in a way, being able to offer them a free and intuitive tool allows them to have a better integration, better adaptation and even to feel at home.