Appeal Video 2019

This video includes footage taken within the Vial and Vathy Camps in Chios and Samos between 2018 and 2019. This may be deemed distressing to some viewers. However, we believe in displaying the reality of the situation of asylum seekers in Greece in order to truly expose the horror of the situation and lack of support from the new Greek government.

More people have arrived in Greece in the last 6 months since 2016. Neither the Greek government nor the European Union has adequately responded to this humanitarian crisis. There are now estimated to be over 90,000 refugees trapped in Greece by European migration policy.

Vial Camp in Chios now has 6,000 residents and space for only 1,000.   Vathy Camp in Samos is 900% overcapacity. It is home to almost 6,000 people.


It is getting colder and the rain causes big problems for asylum seekers living inside the camps. Winter cold is lethal to people without shelter, food or a community. On top of this, the new government is further restricting the rights and access to services for both asylum seekers and the NGOs assisting them.


As the temperature drops below freezing, the new government is the new democracy, and they have a new approach: it is now impossible to access healthcare in Greece for incoming refugees.


Another of their solutions is transferring 20,000 people to the mainland - but on the mainland, there is no housing, no work, no healthcare, no safety net, and a lot of police. 


This winter we need your support to keep our services running. Our work fills vital service gaps and creates communities indispensable for survival. We are one of the lifelines. You can be too.


Your support means our participants have a hot meal, access to showers, education and safe spaces. Thank you.

Please if you can, donate to Action for Education- you will be the difference.