Aegean Education Crisis 

Education is a human right. On the Aegean islands, 20,000 refugee children and youth do not have access to education while they and their families wait for a decision on their asylum application. This decision can take several months. Yet, this is an issue that is receiving little to no attention from policymakers.

This crisis demands our attention.


Join our call to action and advocate for real solutions to the Aegean Education Crisis.


 Aegean Education Statement 

This September, children across the world are going back to school. But on the Aegean Islands in Greece, 10,000 don’t have that opportunity. Instead, they will remain in unsafe and unsuitable refugee camps, sharing overcrowded tents housing 6x the intended number.

We have come together as a global community of educators and funders to state that we believe there is a way forward. We believe we have a solution.

Read the Aegean Education Statement here.


 Aegean Education Coalition 

We are a coalition of civil society organisations, standing up for the rights to education for refugee children in the Aegean.


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 Aegean Education Summit 

This November, we are hosting the first Aegean Education Summit, featuring roundtable discussions and seeking real solutions to the education crisis. 

The Summit will be broadcast online via Zoom, and open to organisations and individuals around the world.

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 Aegean Education Monitor 

For too long, accurate and up-to-date information on the provision of education in the Aegean has been unavailable.

As part of our work into research and monitoring, the Aegean Education Coalition are committed to a new tracking dashboard, providing real-time data on education in the Aegean emergency context.


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Aegean Education Monitor in the coming months.